So Brie Schmidt asks me… “How are you managing your FREE time, Dave?”

By Dave Van Horn

Those of you who know me well, realize pretty quickly that although I may talk a good game about time management for business, I have one fatal flaw (besides being too humble;), and it’s that I always have trouble winding down, relaxing, or even going on vacation.

So, the next MidAtlantic Summit speaker I’d like to highlight is Brie Schmidt, a Midwest-based real estate agent, broker, and investor from Chicago who has taught me a lot about the whole point of investing… which is creating FREEDOM.

A Little Background on Brie…

After a stint in corporate America, Brie started purchasing investment properties back in 2011 when she founded BBS Apartments. Things grew pretty quickly, and today she currently owns and manages over 90 rental units in Chicago and Milwaukee. But like many speakers at our Summit… that’s not all she does!

Brie also owns her own Brokerage company and works with both new and seasoned investors looking to expand their knowledge of the industry and grow their portfolio. Oh – and Brie is also one of the founding partners of Turnkey Reviews where she compares over 100 Turnkey providers in over 25 markets.

Brie’s success can be attributed in large part to her team building talents, marketing acumen, and expansive network. Through her hands-on experience of real estate investing by building a multi-million-dollar portfolio, she has been featured on various podcasts and spoken at REIA events and real estate conferences across the US about investment strategies and property acquisitions.

For those of you in the Midwest, she’s also co-hosting her own event in Chicago this year, one with a similar ethos to ours, called the Midwest Real Estate Networking Summit on May 11th-13th, and it features its own unique lineup with renowned speakers like yours truly 😉

Catch Brie Schmidt at the MidAtlantic Summit in Philly!

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How I met Brie – and why YOU need to

Anyway, needless to say, with her impressive resume and high profile on BiggerPockets, when I first met Brie, I was pretty intimidated. It was a few years back, on the night of the Meet and Greet at the second annual SF Bay Summit (hosted by the famous J. Martin) out in Oakland, California. But fortunately for me, I soon learned I shouldn’t be intimidated. And that’s because, even with all her business endeavors, Brie’s main thing is having fun!

Unlike me, who couldn’t pry a moment away from work, Brie and J. were touring wineries with friends that day in Napa Valley. And not only that, they were already talking about planning their next adventure at future events! So when I say that they truly live financial freedom, I mean it. Successful investors like J. Martin and Brie Schmidt are both traveling the globe in 2018 to enjoy more of what life has to offer, experiencing financial freedom now, not in retirement!

This is why I’ve got my front row seat at the Mid-Atlantic Summit booked. I need to change my way of thinking and learn a thing or two from experts like Brie.

So come out and meet Brie, J., and the rest of the gang at this year’s MidAtlantic Summit!

Catch Brie Schmidt at the MidAtlantic Summit in Philly!

Seats are limited and tickets are moving fast, so be sure to reserve yours today! 

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