by Dave Van Horn

SF Bay Summit comes East?

Well, sort of…

Those of you who have heard of or attended the SF Bay Summit (which has just recently completed its third year) probably know the founder, my friend and colleague, J. Martin.

J. has been taking some time off traveling around South-East Asia the past few months, collecting experiences along the way to share with you at the MidAtlantic Summit. And when I say he’s traveling back to the States to share with his East Coast friends the joys of the globe-trotting lifestyle that his investing has helped him achieve… I mean he is literally doing just that.

He’s actually flying back the day before the event from the Philippines to talk to us. We definitely consider ourselves lucky to be the first ones to hear about his travels and latest ‘lifestyle investing’ strategies.

Catch J. Martin at the MidAtlantic Summit in Philly!

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J. Martin… aka the Lifestyle Investor

But for those of you who don’t know him, you’re probably asking yourselves, “Who is this J. Martin anyway?”

Well, if you’re on BiggerPockets or you’re an investor in the SF Bay area, there’s a good chance you may have already come in contact with him.

Either through his hugely successful SF Bay Summit Real Estate event that he holds annually, or through one of the many meetups he’s hosted over the years, or maybe even through one of his many Airbnb rentals, which he uses to fund his awesome travels…

A Man of Many Strategies

I was first introduced to J. when he reached out to me a few years ago, seemingly out of the blue on BiggerPockets. Back then he was a young guy and relatively new investor who had spent much of his early career in Bank Regulation working in San Francisco’s Financial District.

Getting into Real Estate only in 2012, starting with a four-plex purchase with an FHA loan with $12K borrowed from a credit card, J. partnered with other investors and combined leverage to acquire a personal portfolio of $1MM+ in high-cash-flowing real estate in the SF Bay Area.

From FHA to wholesale deals, probate to FNMA foreclosures, single families to four-plexes, 100% financing to 100% cash, and from rehabs to furnished rentals, J has a variety of experience in his personal real estate investments.

Where’s J. Now?

Being well-versed in aspects of residential and commercial financing, furnished rentals, Oakland and Richmond markets, and Oakland rent control, J. has an ever expanding portfolio. J. is also currently growing a furnished rental business catering to traveling nurses and business travelers from San Jose to Richmond.

And in the time since he first reached out to me, he’s also managed to grow his SF Bay Summit event to be one of the premiere events for Real Estate Investors in the U.S. All with a wonderful “no sales/no pitching” ethos that we follow today. Between his investing endeavors and the Summit, it didn’t take long for J. to start actively pursuing his dreams of ‘lifestyle investing.’ and actually retire from his 9 to 5 job at the ripe old age of 31!

Today I’m glad I took a chance and flew out to San Francisco that first year to talk about notes at his very first Summit. Without it, I wouldn’t have learned the power of synergistic networking (between online and in person) and I certainly wouldn’t have been inspired to start our MidAtlantic event.


So now, it’s J.’s turn. J’s kind enough to come show us how he built his dream lifestyle using real estate, all the while becoming a master world traveler in the process.

So come out to learn from the best of the best, and see why I picked J. Martin as one of the major speakers at our event.


Catch J. Martin at the MidAtlantic Summit in Philly!

Seats are limited and tickets are moving fast, so be sure to reserve yours today! 

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