This podcast features Steve Lloyd (founder of Stone Bay Holdings LLC) alongside Dave Van Horn (PPR President) and Bob Paulus (Director of Borrower Management).

Steve brought his expertise in strategic acquisition and development of residential properties to the discussion and addressed best practices for raising capital.

Here’s a Summary of the Topics Discussed…

  • Tips for a successful elevator pitch
  • How to find the right type of investments
  • 3 things to explain to investors when raising capital
  • How to retain investors
  • Bringing in new investors
  • How to differentiate yourself from other fundraisers
  • The value of self-directed IRAs
  • Best practice on borrowing money from banks

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Steve Lloyd

Founder | Stone Bay Holdings LLC

Steven Lloyd is a real estate investor engaged in the strategic acquisition and development of residential properties (mortgage notes, private lending, mobile home parks and apartment buildings) located in the United States. As founder and managing partner of Stone Bay Holdings (SBH), Steve is responsible for sourcing investment opportunities, investor relations, and securing capital from private sources. He works closely with experienced partners to deliver a diversified portfolio of real estate investment opportunities. Steve manages and owns a portfolio valued over $120 million.