Are You Ready to Optimize and Scale Your Real Estate Business?

By Dave Van Horn 

I know I am! And why not learn from the best of the best?

I have many influential investors in my Rolodex… but there are few like one of our speakers at this year’s MidAtlantic Summit… J. Scott!

A Little Background on J…

Since 2008, J. Scott has bought and sold over $25M in property, earned over $1 million on his first 50 flips, and he wrote THE book on flipping houses.

That’s right, he literally wrote The Book On Flipping Houses, an Amazon Bestseller, having sold 90,000 copies to date. J. has also spoken on his bread-and-butter topic, Fix-and-Flips, all across the country.

You may have heard about his speaking gigs at Google’s HQ in Mountain View or at events hosted by our other Summit speakers, like the SF Bay Summit hosted by J. Martin and the Best Ever Conference hosted by Joe Fairless in Denver…

As for me, from the time I first began writing for BiggerPockets, I was aware of who J. was because he had written one of the first books with BP and had contributed significantly to the site. I was impressed with the considerable knowledge he shared and the time he spent answering questions in the forums and through his writing.

But oddly enough, because we focused on different areas of investing, years passed without crossing paths with each other, even though J. is also East Coast-based (just a few hours away from me in D.C.).

Catch J. Scott at the MidAtlantic Summit in Philly!

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J. Scott is THE Guy When It Comes to Scaling a Real Estate Business

Connecting with J. was the quintessential online-to-real-life, synergistic networking experience (that I also hope to create with the MidAtlantic Summit). After years of following J. online, we finally got to meet in person a few months ago, in October, since we were both speakers at J. Martin’s event in Oakland.

Curious to see J’s presentation, I dropped in to hear his take on building a Fix-and-Flip business.

It was fascinating to me, not only because I used to run a pretty extensive Rehab shop of my own, but because of his thoughts on scaling up, building processes, and organically growing your business resonated with me as a business leader and CEO of PPR.

I was also impressed to see J.’s family in the front row and all around the Oakland event. Being a pretty big family guy myself who works directly with both of my children, I felt a kinship to J.’s commitment to his family.

This, to me, also shows his humble and helpful spirit.

After that, it didn’t take long for the two of us to get introduced through mutual friends at the SF Bay Summit. We chatted for a bit and started to get to know each other, and later J. agreed to be one the featured speakers at the MidAtlantic Summit.

And the rest… is history.

So now, alongside the BEST EVER Keynote speaker, Joe Fairless, “Mr. Lifestyle Investing” J. Martin, I’m pleased to add THE Expert on the Fix-and-Flip model, J. Scott, who is coming to teach, share, and hang out with all of us this April in Philadelphia. Don’t miss it!

Seats are limited and tickets are moving fast, so be sure to reserve yours today! 

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