How to Make Whova Work for You

To help create the best experience for all attendees, speakers and sponsors at the event, we’ve been working hard on our end to bring you the Whova, a mobile app that will give you up-to-the-minute information about the event and agenda, facilitate networking opportunities with speakers and fellow attendees, and give you the ability to share your favorite moments from the weekend.

We strongly encourage you to download the app and actively participate in community boards, live polls, and more. We want you to get the maximum networking benefits from this event!

We’ll walk you through how to join the event below and special features on the app for you as an attendee.

Step 1: Download the App

If you’re familiar with the Whova app already, simply log in with your account and search for the MidAtlantic Summit.

If this is your first time, go to the app store on your phone and search “Whova.” Download the app and create an account. *Make sure to create your account using the same email with which you registered for the MidAtlantic Summit.

You will then need to search for the event by selecting “Find My Event” and type in MidAtlantic Summit. Click “Join” once you select the event. Update your profile with your information and get ready to connect with other event attendees.

Step 2: Explore the Home Screen

On the Home screen, you will find a tab that says “Travel.” Here you will find all the information regarding directions to the event space and the DoubleTree Hotel from the airport.

The second tab we want to mention is the “Sponsors” button. Here you will find information about about all the MidAtlantic sponsors with the ability to connect by liking their page, leaving a comment, or sharing a photo with them.

We want to encourage you to Tweet throughout the weekend tagging @MidAtlantic2018 and using the hashtag #MidAtlanticSummit. You can connect your Twitter account to the Whova App which will allow you to tweet directly from the home screen.

Step 3: Add Events to Your Agenda

On the Agenda tab, you will find the full agenda for the MidAtlantic Summit. When you click on an event, you will have the option to select “Add to My Agenda”. These events will show up in your agenda at the top of your screen and can be automatically added to your phone’s calendar.


Step 4: Participate in Community Boards

Once you’ve created your agenda, head on over to the “Community” tab where you’ll see all the community boards. We encourage you to participate in all of these boards because we believe they will only enhance your experience further.

Feel free to introduce yourself and let people know why you’re attending the event. In the “Introduce Yourself” board, you will learn more about speakers and other attendees.

We also encourage you to “Share Your Moments” throughout the event. This includes sharing photos, talking about topics covered in panels/ keynotes, tweeting, etc.

Step 5: Participate in Live Polls

Occasionally, we’ll create live polls in order to get your feedback on the event. We want to hear your thoughts in order to plan for the next MidAtlantic Summit.

When a poll goes live, you will see a notification both on your home screen and in your “Messages” tab.

Step 6: Grow Your Network

Within the Whova App, you have the ability to scan speaker and attendee business cards rather than physically collecting them. Simple click “Menu” in the upper left corner, select “”My Contacts”, and click “Scan Business Card” at the bottom.

When you scan a business card, their contact information will automatically upload into the “My Contacts” section in the sidebar menu. You can then export your contact’s emails directly to your personal or work email.

Go ahead and download the app and get ready for a weekend full of networking and learning from some of the top investors in the country.

Also, be sure to wear your name badge at the MidAtlantic Summit! It has a special QR code that help you exchange info with Sponsors.

Direct link to download Whova: